Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chow Bella Cooks

This week I'm hosting several groups for the Wilmington Athletic Club's "Lose Weight In Eight." Groups.  This part of Chow Bella Cooks is very exciting to me, because I feel so strongly about helping people achieve wellness and fitness.  It's what I had set out to accomplish when I attended the University of Vermont for Nutrition, Food Science and Dietetics, but people didn't want help in a practical way.  I found that people wanted a powder, potion or pill to help them lose weight and get fit.  Finally, people are seeing that good results for wellness take a little time and a little modification.

For this week, I am breaking from my traditional pasta, pizza, empanadas, and bread workshops, and teaching some healthy cooking tips for the "winners" who are out to achieve "losing."

On the menu I have my , Miso Soup, Killer Kale & Walnut Salad, Crispy Cinnamon Chicken, Green Goddess Dressing, Parmesan Snacks, Roasted Vegetables, and Brownies with Zucchini.  If time allows, I'll also introduce them to easy Banana Frozen Yogurt!

Chow Bella Cooks will be scheduling Healthy Cooking Classes starting in April.  Stay tuned for the new schedule this week in our newsletter and our calendar.


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