Monday, February 28, 2011

Lose Weight In Eight

Last month I was asked to participate in the "Lose Weight In Eight" program at Wilmington Athletic Club.  The program is open to the public, and I think it's a great way to get people on track with a healthy lifestyle change. 

At the regular Chow Bella Cooks classes, I don't completely ignore fat and calories, and the food is always fresh, chemical free, and organic (when possible), but with the Healthy Cooking Basics, I had to be mindful of proper cooking methods, fat and calories.  No worries!  It's how I cook 80% of the time; healthy and tasty food.

Chow Bella Cooks hosted a Wednesday and Thursday evening class.  Both groups were eager to learn and motivated to change their lifestyles.  We started out with the fact that this is a lifestyle change and not a "diet," as the definition of diet has become "deprivation of food."  The new healthy cooking and eating lifestyle begins with a pantry and kitchen makeover, and we explored the Chow Bella cupboards and refrigerator.  It's important to not only talk the talk but to walk the walk, too.  I followed this up with a handout of foods to stock up on to begin the transition. 

Time to cook!  When cutting the fat, it is important not to cut the flavor, too.  I demonstrated how to steam up greens and finish them off for maximum flavor. We roasted, toasted, poached and learned how to use all of those spices we have hanging around.  Chow Bella even showed how to make desserts, without breaking the calorie budget.  It's important to have balance and treat yourself, or else it becomes that "four letter word" I mention above.

The bottom line is that lifestyle changes begin with baby steps.  People need to know where their pitfalls are, what their trigger foods are and their trigger times (we covered all of this, as well).  Balance is key in achieving a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

Chow Bella Cooks new schedule is posted, and for March, we've scheduled a Healthy Cooking Party, for those who want to learn more tips and tricks to eat well and lean.


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