Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fishsticks...mmmm???

Friday at the Gilbert house meant re-heated, frozen fish sticks, with tartar sauce and pasta fagioli.  This was not only during lent; my mom extended this throughout the whole year, except when we went out to dinner.  To some people, fish sticks and pasta may sound yummy, but to me, it meant a hunger strike each and every Friday night.  My mother would say, "If you don't like it, don't eat it."  And, I wouldn't.  By the time I was old enough for sleepovers with friends, I would find some place to eat and spend every Friday night.  To this day, my mother still laments this fact.

First of all, nothing good comes out of a box that is pulverized fish covered in bread crumbs.  Second, before the age of 10, I only ate meat, drank water and had an occasional Devil Dog.  I was allergic to chocolate, as a kid, but I would sneak the Devil Dogs because Twinkies tasted like spongy plastic.

My mom is a great baker, but she was never really excited about cooking, and we ate the results of her lack of passion for creating culinary marvels.  In my Mom's defense, she worked full time as a night nurse at the local hospital and had four kids.  However, I never understood why she was so precises with her pies, cookies and cakes, but on Friday night the Mrs. Paul's fish sticks would be poured out on the cookie sheet, and the pasta canned tomatoes, cannellini beans, were just dumped into a pot to cook until my dad came home from work.  My brothers and I would cross our fingers that dad got home early to jazz up the pasta a little bit, but that seldom happened.

It's no surprise that I usually serve fish on Friday nights, and it is only because I need to make sure I cook fish at least one or two days a week.  Maybe it's a bit of habit, too, but my fish dishes are a bit more enticing, yet easy.

Here is one of our favorites I have been making for several years.  This updated version has sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil (the flavor and texture is much better, and besides a little fat won't hurt...however, if you're concerned about the extra calories, albeit small, you can use plain).

Enjoy and Happy Friday!


Mediterranean Tuna

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