Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Almost Spring...Time To Taste A Leek!

Ha ha...a little play on words.

The first time my neighbor, Cheryl, mentioned potato leek soup my eyeballs rolled, and a I told her no way would we ever eat potato leek soup!  Yuck!  pulverized onions, potatoes and cream?  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Cheryl's recipe was very basic, butter, leeks, potatoes, salt and pepper, but it was very good, and I started experimenting with my own recipes.  I made hearty herb infused soups and simple recipes, and I found I liked something in the middle.

Bob likes his soup with a little texture, so I make sure I leave some chunks in it for him.  I like a bit of fresh, but delicate, onion flavor, and I achieve this with a little fresh chives on top with a touch of heavy cream.  Oh, come on...a little will not clog your arteries or put on any weight.  You can omit it, if you desire.

Enjoy and Chow!


Potato Leek Soup inspired by Cheryl H.

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