Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Crazy Secret Garden!

Spring has sprung, but my newly planted crops just narrowly escaped a frost.  Over the past few weekends, I planted my crop of Brussels sprouts, spinach, romaine lettuce, peppers, over 60 tomato plants and an abundance of herbs.  With all of the issues rising out of the tragedy in Japan, there was no better time to plant my own garden.  And, with the help of our good friend, Dave, I was able to do this for free!

Chow Bella Cook's "Crazy Secret Garden" emerged from a conversation Bob and I were having about getting food from ground to table.  Dave over heard me talking about a plan we were trying to work out to rent some land, and he said, in his thick Southern accent, "GIRL!  Why in the world would you want to do that!?  You can use my land next door, and if that's not enough, I have more land you can use not too far from here?"  I offered to pay Dave, and his arms waved me off, as he exclaimed that he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner at my house all of the time, and that was payment enough.  Dave is a bachelor now,and part of the "Nun Street Gang." He actually doesn't eat ALL of his meals at my kitchen testing table, but I do enjoy when he does come by, as he loves everything I cook!  So, it was done.  The Crazy Secret Garden.

Why "Crazy?"  Because, Dave says that our little group, "The Nun Street Gang," is a little crazy.  It's secret, because we don't want to let too many people know of our little gem, as the vegetables might disappear (we all live downtown), and it's a garden. 

Crazy Chow Bella, as Dave calls me, wants to get the food from ground to table, with as little processing and as much flavor as possible.  With the help of Dave, Chow Fella, and Mother Nature, we'll have a bumper crop of herbs and vegetables this year, and fresh Chow Bella Cooks signature tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, egg plant Parmesan (without all of the gooey bread crumb coating).  I'll also be creating new and healthy versions of some of my traditional dishes I teach in class.

So, go a little crazy, and plant your own Crazy Secret Garden!  You don't need land; you can plant them in containers and pots in you backyard or on your balcony.


Chow Fella puts the finishing touches on some of my garden beds.

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