Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cooking Brings Families Together

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with an old childhood friend, his wife and two boys.  Both boys love to cook, and I was persuaded (it didn't take much) to teach the boys a few of my recipes.  Since I've been a little under the weather lately, the boys were the chefs, and I was the conductor, if you will.  This family has been going through some challenges, and I felt, in some small way, cooking with them may help.

When I arrived, I took some time to chat with the boys, in order to get to know them.  Joe is 11, and he is very precocious.  He's a vegetarian, but he told me he doesn't like vegetables much either.  Hmmm...Joe might be a challenge for Chow Bella Cooks.  Matthew is 15, and he loves to cook, and his interest peaked when we talked about Tirimisu.  The stage was set, and I put them all to work.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Mom, Dad, and Grandma all participated and listened to my instructions.  Both boys were eager to learn, and they were wonderful students.  There was complete harmony, love and laughter in the kitchen, and at one point, I realized this was more than a cooking class, it was bringing a family together.  It was a wonderful feeling.

Together, they made my signature tomato sauce, pizza (vegetarian, for Joe), Tuscan Chicken, and tirimisu.  It was an amazing day.  If I hadn't felt so happy, I might have been jealous of this family's togetherness. 

In today's busy world, so many families don't eat together, let alone cook together.  I saw how cooking together drew this family together and they shared a great afternoon; one they will remember forever, as will I.

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